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Are you a freelancer or web and mobile software development company? Would you like someone to constantly search, manually filter and deliver new, open software development opportunities to you? Array does that. Try Array free for 3 days and get new opportunities delivered in your inbox:

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How does it work?

Pretty simple.


1. Array's algorithm searches and goes through ~ 500 open *remote* opportunities every day (10k per month) from hundreds of different sources.


2. Then they chose 5 viable opportunities, enrich them with data and deliver them directly to you every morning. (~ 100 per month)


3. You drink your morning coffee then pick the contracts that you like. Then you go and close the deal and enjoy more monthly revenue.


What does an opportunity look like?

opportunity array leads

1. Opportunity headline and description

When you open the daily email with opportunities, we expect you to quickly scan and see if something catches your attention. That is why we've organised the information in a manner that at the top of every opportunity box, first you see what is needed.

2. Company name and info

In order for you to be equipped with the right data for taking advantage of every opportunity, we invest time, energy and resources to check every company manually and dig more info about it.

3. Decision maker(s) contact info

You wont be left on your own after you know who needs what. We go step(s) further and discover WHO needs to be contacted. We strive for two decision makers and we give you even links to their social presence. Isn't that nice?

4. Online presence

Maybe you are thorough and you want to do a quick research too. We got you. That is why we deliver the links to the company's social/online presence. Do your thing.

5. Link to the original posting/source

At the end of every opportunity you will get a link to the original posting too. We don't hide anything since your success is our success. Plus, we get a bonus jars of honey every time you get a lead or close a deal.

Success by the Numbers

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Deals Closed


Revenue Generated

* Data generated via yearly survey of customers.


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How do you pick the daily opportunities?

Our team researches the web every day in order to find, filter and manually pick the best web & mobile development opportunities. The opportunities we currently share are remote positions suitable for companies that work on the time and material principle of outsourcing.

Which tech stack are the opportunities based on?

Looking back at the opportunities we've shared so far, most of them are in the area of web development and android / iOS development. Rarely we have a precise request/opportunity for JavaScript, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby etc.

Can I cancel Array free of charge?

Yes. You can cancel anytime by sending us a message here

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